Have an established business or a fresh, unique, never-before-seen business idea ? Go mobile with bespoke trailers!

Bespoke Trailers is a fabrication company that’s focused on transforming unique business concepts and ideas into complete, hand-built, custom fabricated mobile businesses.

We let you bring your unique business concepts on the road, with mobile business modules and food trucks that are custom-built to your needs!

Bring creative mobile business ideas to life

What we offer is a bespoke solution that covers the entire process of launching a food truck business – from start to finish.

Bespoke Trailers is a brand that seeks to grow the innovative niche market of mobile business by giving entrepreneurs, brands, and companies the platform, the tools, and the guidance to execute their innovative ideas. We specialise in building completely customised mobile businesses for a wide range of markets, from food trucks and trailers to pet grooming trucks and even mobile salons.

With Bespoke Trailers, you have a one-stop-shop to jumpstart your idea and turn it into a thriving mobile business!



Have an idea but not sure where to start?

We’ll help you get your feet wet by figuring out where you can carve out your niche with in-depth market research. After that, we’ll refine your concept, so you can connect immediately with your target market.

We’ll then fabricate a custom-built trailer or truck for you, complete with the best available equipment and a fully-functional MEP system.

When we’ve got your business set up, we’ll start creating buzz for your brand, spreading the word out, and getting people interested! At the same time, we’ll help you get all the necessary licenses, so you can start operating right away!

With our end-to-end mobile business setup solution, you’ll have your business ready before you know it.

Ready to get your brand on the road?

Go mobile with Bespoke Trailers today! Whether you’re interested in buying your very own truck, or renting one out, we’ve got a perfect deal that works just for you.

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